Replica Watches Young Professional Introducing the Breguet Tradition Dame 7038 for Ladies, Now in 18k Rose Gold

Breguet Tradition Dame 7038 rose gold 1

The Breguet Watch Prices South Africa Replica Classique 7787 is an opinion not many different brands could get away with calling “classique.” It’s a silicon escapement and balance spring and, more immediately apparent, a dial so all over the place, most conventional manufactures would throw the plan and its designer out the moment the very first sketches were presented. And yet, at a Breguet, it all just works, somehow.I’m a complete fan of Breguet and, I will go so far as to say, I feel every single watch enthusiast out there to be one too — just maybe not to the same extent. While I can rarely tolerate watch brands re-releasing their old stuff — frankly, I personally completely despise these Vacheron Historiques, for example — Breguet is among the very few whose past is vivid, interesting, and quirky enough, that pretty much everything they have to do is keep on paying an honest tribute to it. To get a Breguet that by definition includes tasteful, yet powerful invention, just look at the double-balance chronograph 7077 for one of the finest contemporary Breguet watches that stand for everything a 21st century Breguet should.But not all watches could (or should) have an open dial and multiple balance wheels — a few have to be significantly more controlled and elegant, at the more traditional meaning of the latter. That is where the Breguet Classique 7787 comes to the picture.The Classique 7787’s design was inspired by an initial Breguet pocket watch dubbed No. 5 from 1794 (tell me that isn’t a lavish sounding product title that preceded its era by centuries) and it comes in four variations. The purist-seducing 39mm broad case of the 7787 is crafted only from white or rose gold and either of these cases are made available using an abysmal grand feu enamel dial, or one with some correctly extensive guilloché work. The one we are looking at today is that the white gold version with the enamel dial, the exact reference being Breguet Classique 7787BB/29/9V6.

Having unveiled the first ever Tradition for ladies not too long ago at Baselworld, Breguet has just announced another variant of the model for Baselworld 2017 that takes place in March next year.

While the first Tradition Dame 7038 was in white gold with a blue-grey mother of pearl dial, the latest version offers a rosier look. The case is 18k pink gold and the dial is an iridescent white mother of pearl decorated with hobnail guilloche in the centre.

Breguet Tradition Dame 7038 rose gold 1

The rest of the watch remains the same as the original model, with the 37mm case featuring a bezel set with 68 brilliant-cut diamonds and a crown topped with a synthetic ruby of the sort used in watch movements.

Plated in rhodium for a bright silvery finish, the movement is the calibre 505SR that’s automatic and equipped with the pallet fork and hairspring in magnetism-resistant silicon.

Price and availability

The new Tradition Dame 7038 should be available sometime in 2017. Though the price has not been announced, the first version cost US$38,900 or SS$55,900, so expect this to be priced similarly.


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