Best Quality Omega De Ville Hour Vision Annual Calendar Replica Watch Ref.431.

Omega was first introduced during the 8500 movement in Basel in 2007. This is the first Omega 30 years of production based automatic movement. Its launch marks the return to the Omega De Ville Hour Vision Brown dial replica action in the field of Haute Horlogerie and strength, but also highlights the firm determination of the SwusOmega brand repositioning. In recent years available, 8500 Movement demonstrated the strength of the strong, so that was a lot of people as a strong competitor Rolex 3135. 8500 movement barrel through DLC (DIAMOND-LIKE-CARBON diamond-like carbon) vacuum coating process. Diamond-like amorphous carbon coating containing a diamond structure, has a diamond-like performance, low specific gravity, high flexibility, is ideal for high-frequency diaphragm material, use common in advanced stereo. Its balance is still used beryllium bronze material, coating and curved arm design, the aim of increasing the proportion of unit area, thereby enhancing the rotational moment of inertia.
And this Omega De Ville Hour Vision Annual Calendar replica watch is equipped with six large technical feature of the 8500 movement, movement of 8500: 1 bidirectional automatic winding oscillating weight; two pairs barrel, power reserve of 60 hours; 3 with… Verge technology (Co-Axial);. 4 no card balance wheel gossamer; 5.Hour Vision hour independent calibration system; 6. blackened screws, barrel and balance wheel;
Omega coaxial escapement is to contribute to a gift of the altar table. Despite the existence of a lot of controversy in available at the beginning, but it is undeniable is that Omega is the first in the history of modern Rose Gold Omega replica watch escapement on a dare “to eat crab” brand. This alone would have been enough Omega chasing. The advent of 8500, is a self-transcendence Omega completed, also marks the real “Return of the King.”

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