The Mens Blue Dial NOMOS Glashuette Zurich Worldtimer Watch Replica

Recently, Angus Davies wore the replica Mens NOMOS Glashuette Zurich Worldtimer true blue for a week and was able to appraise the merits of this watch, equipped with a blue dial and the brand’s new swing system. The new blue dial version, whilst outwardly appearing very similar, is equipped with the German watch replica company’s new “swing system”, discussed at length in my recent review of the Metro model.


NOMOS Glashuette Zurich Worldtimer true blue - hands-on watch replica review


NOMOS Glashütte launched a white dial version of the Zurich Worldtimer approximately 3 years ago. This timepiece continues to be offered within its range.

Images of the earth taken from space reveal a sphere which is predominantly blue. It therefore seems befitting that a watch replica designed to indicate the prevailing time in each of the globe’s 24 time zones should be equipped with a blue dial.

Recently, I had an opportunity to wear the Zurich Worldtimer true blue for a week and appraise its merits.

The dial

Unlike some NOMOS Glashuette worldtime copy watches, this NOMOS Glashütte does not display the time in each of the 24 time zones simultaneously.

NOMOS Glashuette Zurich Worldtimer true blue - hands-on watch replica review

The Zurich Worldtimer true blue is equipped with a disc, marked with 24 reference cities. The wearer presses a push-piece, located at 2 o’clock, to advance the city disc to the desired timezone and the hour hand jumps in one hour increments to indicate the relevant local time.


The central area of the dial includes a small seconds display employing snailed detail. Its outline takes a meandering route near 3 o’clock to accommodate the home time display, and again near the base of the small seconds display, adding a degree of additional interest to proceedings.

At 3 o’clock, the home time is shown on a circular disc which sits above the city disc, denoted with a small red arrow and a red house. The styling is eminently logical and engenders a grin with its cheerful depiction of home.

When my press loan watch replica arrived, it was configured for home time in Berlin. An adjustment pin is supplied with the watch replica and, pressing the corrector recessed into the case band at 8 o’clock, the hour hand can be advanced to the applicable time in the wearer’s home city.

Encircling the perimeter of the dial is a minute track. Small squares mark every five minutes with short strokes positioned in between. A triangular index features at noon.

The dial components are positioned at different heights, delivering a complexity to the dial structure. However, unlike some world time watches, the display is simple to interpret and selecting the appropriate timezone proves user-friendly.

The case

Every surface of the case is highly polished and yet the watch replica never appears unduly flamboyant. Part of this, I suspect, is attributable to the scale of the watch, measuring a restrained 39.9mm in diameter, with a case height of 10.85mm.

The size of the watch replica accorded a very comfortable and unobtrusive fit.

NOMOS Glashuette Zurich Worldtimer true blue - hands-on watch replica review


I am fully aware that my eyesight has diminished with the onset of middle-age, but my fingers continue to exhibit 20/20 scrutiny, able to readily identify any sharp edges. Thankfully, the case of this Zurich Worldtimer true blue is incredibly smooth.

Despite the relative affordability of this watch, the case reveals much complexity to its form. The sides of the case band are slightly angled, with the watch replica exhibiting a greater width near the dial. The bezel sits almost flush with the case band below, but not quite. Indeed, wherever you look on the case, there are numerous flourishes of detail which prove interesting.

NOMOS Glashuette Zurich Worldtimer true blue - hands-on watch replica review

With much effort expended on the movement within the Zurich Worldtimer true blue, it is not surprising that the watch replica company from Saxony has equipped the model with an exhibition case back.

NOMOS Glashuette Zurich Worldtimer true blue - hands-on watch replica review

The black Shell Cordovan strap has a smooth, supple texture and is paired with a stainless steel pin buckle. The buckle is highly polished and I do wonder whether it will mark with prolonged wear, albeit it did not suffer such an indignity during its time in my temporary care.

The movement

The Zurich Worldtimer true blue, unlike its white-faced sibling, is equipped with the NOMOS Calibre 5201, featuring the in-house NOMOS swing system.

NOMOS Glashuette Zurich Worldtimer true blue - hands-on watch replica review


The quality of the finish on this movement is very good, especially considering the price point. The circular graining on the main plate lacks the definition of some high-end watches, but bearing in mind the price positioning of this watch, it remains impressive.

The term “swing system” refers to the in-house escapement, first used in the Metro model. It is highly unusual for a watch replica company to produce its own escapement, but illustrates the ambition and increasing independence of this watch replica brand founded in 1990.

Unlike the movement within the Metro, the Calibre 5201 is self-winding. The oscillating mass, adorned with Glashütte ribbing, is open-worked, revealing much of the finishing beneath.

The three-quarter plate, also features Glashütte ribbing as well as thermally blued screws. The crown and ratchet wheel incorporate sunburst decoration.

Closing remarks

Operating in different time zones can prove challenging at times, especially when the wearer of the watch replica is travelling and suffering sleep deprivation. The world time complication, on the face of it, seems very sensible.

Unfortunately, an issue I have with some world time watches is that the dials can appear cluttered and, as a result, I often favour the comparative simplicity of GMT models. However, the approach by NOMOS Glashütte of selecting the relevant city using the push piece provided, is particularly logical and easy to use.

Moreover, the slender rhodium-plated hands and sparing use of colour never overwhelms the display with too much detail.

The finish of the dial, case and movement is impressive and the price of £3850 (RRP as at 8.2.2015) is very competitive.


Technical Specification

  • Model: NOMOS Glashütte Zurich Worldtimer true blue
  • Ref: 807
  • Case: Stainless steel; diameter 39.9mm; height 10.85 mm; water-resistant to 3 bar (30 metres); sapphire crystal to front and caseback.
  • Functions: Hours; minutes; small seconds; world time with 24-hour indication.
  • Movement: DUW 5201, hand-wound movement; frequency 21,600vph (3Hz); 26 jewels; power reserve 42 hours
  • Strap: Black Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan strap presented on a steel pin buckle.
  • Price: £3850 (RRP as at 8.2.2015)

With increased in-house content, the price of a timepiece normally climbs. Perhaps the single biggest surprise about the Zurich Worldtimer true blue is that, despite containing a higher quotient of in-house know-how than its white dial sibling, NOMOS Glashütte does not charge a premium. At a time when many NOMOS Glashuette watch replica brands are increasing prices, this represents a refreshing change.