Replica Guide Trusted Dealers Piaget – On a starry night in Gstaad

As skiers come down the white moonlit mountains during an Alpine torchlight descent, in the heart of a picturesque village, friends gather inside for champagne.

Just to tie together the hisotry of those ultra lean motions by Piaget, the 9P was followed up in 1960 with the 12P, an ultra-thin self-winding quality measuring just 2.3mm. The 900P is a movement, dial plate, and foundation plate in one, with hands integrated on the exact same level as the motion components. It signifies the world’s thinnest mechanical watch, in 3.65mm thick.There are two automatic options in the anniversary set and they’re also ultra-thin. The 40mm model contains the Caliber 1203P, using an additional date window and a case only 6.36mm thick. The movement itself is 3mm thick, and works at 21,600 vph using a 44 hour power reserve.The 1203P motion was inspired from the Caliber 1205P, with a date and tiny moments, which Piaget was utilizing since 2013. The 1203P still has a date window, making it a great everyday watch, but there is no moments function. In fact, none of the anniversary bits have moments hands, which is a sacrifice you make when each extraneous millimeter is eliminated for the sake of a slim profile.

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